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Miami Unique Limo offers unmatched luxury and precision transportation services between the bustling heart of Miami and the serene beauty of Sanibel Island. Unveil the artistry of travel in our top-tier fleet, from the plush comfort of our sedans and SUVs to the indulgent opulence of our limousines, from the versatility of our vans to the group-friendly expanse of our buses. We weave the tapestry of your journey with threads of punctuality, professionalism, and an unwavering commitment to service quality. Our expert chauffeurs are more than drivers; they’re your personal concierge on wheels, ensuring your ride is seamless and your schedule respected. Whether it’s a business commute, a celebration, or a simple point-to-point transfer, embrace the Miami Unique Limo experience – where every journey is a masterstroke in the art of luxury travel.

Our Fleet for Miami to Sanibel Car Service

Premium Sedans and SUVs

Submerge into a world of refined luxury with our select range of top-tier Sedans and SUVs, designed specifically for your comfort. Our Car Service from Miami to and from Sanibel encapsulates the elegance of high-end vehicles from world-class automotive manufacturers. Experience the signature smooth glide of our fleet that is emblematic of a superior comfort level, making it a prime choice for smaller groups. With ample luggage space and an aesthetic that boasts our brand’s iconic style and comfort, we provide a travel experience like no other.

Luxury Limousines

Our Limousines represent the pinnacle of opulence. Perfectly curated for the discerning traveler, our Miami to Sanibel Car service offers limousines that radiate sophistication. Equipped with state-of-the-art amenities and plush interiors, they provide an incomparable journey. Modern entertainment systems to keep you engaged and the personal touch of a private chauffeur for your needs, our limousines are the epitome of luxury on the move.

Range of Vans

We offer an array of versatile vans – Luxury Vans, Limo Vans, and Executive Vans – each designed to meet your distinct travel requirements. Our Luxury Vans, with their spacious interiors and superior comfort, are ideal for larger parties. The Limo Vans add a touch of glamour to your journey, combining the spaciousness of a van with the extravagance of a limousine. For those in pursuit of a serene, working environment on the go, our Executive Vans provide a haven during the Chauffeur Service Miami to and from Sanibel.

Expansive Buses

For those traveling in larger groups, our fleet extends to spacious buses that ensure a cozy journey for all. Outfitted with modern amenities and copious space for group and luggage accommodation, our buses are the perfect solution for group transfers. Whether it’s a team getaway or an extensive family outing, the Sanibel to Miami Airport Car Transfer promises a journey of camaraderie, comfort, and style.

What's Included in Our Miami to and from Sanibel Car Service?

Miami to and from Sanibel Private Car Service

Savor the delight of our meticulously curated private car service, offering you a unique blend of intimacy and comfort. Tailored to fit individual needs, this service ensures a smooth and enjoyable ride between Miami and Sanibel. With a professional driver exclusively at your service, sit back, relax, and let us take care of the journey while you prepare for your upcoming rendezvous or simply enjoy the ride.

Miami to and from Sanibel Shuttle Service

Our shuttle service, designed for efficiency and reliability, is your economical solution for regular commutes between Miami and Sanibel. Perfect for individual travelers or small groups, this service promises punctual, reliable, and comfortable transfers. Experience the hallmark of our brand—professionalism, and comfort—making your travel not only convenient but also an enjoyable experience.

Sanibel Airport Limo Service to and from Miami

Arrive or depart in grandeur with our exclusive airport limo service between Sanibel and Miami. Wrap yourself in the elegance, comfort, and luxury of our limousines, promising an unforgettable journey. Our limo service offers a travel experience like no other, complete with plush interiors and a professional chauffeur.

Miami to and from Sanibel Car Service for Business Travel

Our dedicated business car service addresses the distinct demands of corporate travel. With our firm understanding of the need for punctuality, comfort, and discretion in business travels, we offer a seamless, professional service. Our trained drivers respect your privacy, giving you the peace to focus on your work or relax before a critical meeting.

Miami to and from Sanibel Car Service for Special Events

Turn your special events into memorable affairs with our dedicated car service. Be it a wedding, a prom, or a gala event, arrive in style and on time with our special event car service. With our professional chauffeurs at your disposal, immerse yourself in the celebration, knowing that your transportation is expertly handled.

Miami to and from Sanibel Point to Point Car Service

Our point-to-point service, designed for ultimate convenience, ensures direct transportation from your chosen location in Miami to your destination in Sanibel. Bypass the need for multiple stops with this service, offering a smooth and efficient transfer, making your travel as hassle-free as possible.

Why Should You Choose Our Miami to Sanibel Car Service?

Choosing our services equates to choosing punctuality and reliability. Our commitment to an on-point service ensures that we prioritize your time and schedule above all else. With strategic planning and route optimization, we guarantee timely arrivals and departures, providing a service that aligns perfectly with your timetable.

Our drivers are not just drivers; they are professional chauffeurs trained in the art of providing a comfortable and safe journey. With extensive knowledge of the routes and a commitment to customer service, they elevate your travel experience. Their professionalism extends beyond just driving, offering assistance with luggage, and ensuring a smooth, stress-free journey.

Trust is the cornerstone of our service, and we strive to uphold it in every interaction. Our reliable service provides assurance of the consistency of our quality and commitment. With our systematic quality checks and thorough maintenance routines, we ensure a seamless and reliable travel experience from Miami to Sanibel.

Quality is inherent in our brand ethos, reflected impeccably in our selection of cars, limos, vans, and buses. Maintained to the highest standards, our fleet represents the latest models, each equipped with advanced safety features and comfort-enhancing amenities. Whether it’s a sedan for a personal journey or a bus for group travel, our vehicles are of unmatched quality, promising a superior travel experience.

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Miami Unique Limo - Business Sedan


Our family has always trusted their Miami to Sanibel Car Service for all our travel needs. The top-notch sedans and SUVs ensure a comfortable journey every time. The chauffeurs are professional and courteous, and the vehicles are maintained immaculately. We recently opted for the limousine service for a special event and it was a splendid experience. The ride was smooth, and the chauffeur was very attentive. We are looking forward to our next journey with them!
John Sullivan
I frequently use their Miami to and from Sanibel Private Car Service for my business travels. Their punctuality and professionalism have never failed to impress me. The executive vans provide the perfect setting for me to catch up on work while commuting. Their fleet is always top-notch, and the drivers have an extensive knowledge of the routes which makes the journey hassle-free. I highly recommend their service to anyone in need of a reliable and efficient transportation solution.
Emma Watson
As a regular user of their Sanibel Airport Limo Service to and from Miami, I can confidently vouch for the unparalleled luxury and comfort they offer. The limousines are sophisticated, and the chauffeurs add to the experience with their professionalism. The point-to-point car service is a boon; it saves me time and ensures a smooth ride every time. Kudos to the team at Miami Unique Limo!
Daniel Moore

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